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Developing a Careers Programme in your school

Putting Careers Education and Guidance at the heart of your school 


CEG has to be a vital part of the school curriculum and it needs to be something that is regularly visited throughout the time that a student is at school. It needs to feature throughout the curriculum and in curriculum subjects and not be an add on to them, nor should it be confined to one-off careers events and drop-down days.


One of the aims of the Encompass Careers Alliance is to help other schools evaluate the quality of their CEG programme and to enable any school to follow a series of simple, step by step tips that will allow them to develop a high quality CEG model that, at its core, sees students as individuals who are able to recognise that they have skills, abilities and options and that hurdles are there to be navigated, not fallen at.


In this section we will provide other schools with a guide to creating their own effective CEG programme by using ideas and practices that can be tailored to any context and to any school.  


By using the Gatsby Benchmarks and the Compass Tool as a starting point all schools can evaluate their careers programme and use the plans, schemes of work and guidance that we will make available to create a culture in schools in which all teachers see themselves as careers teachers.



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Gatsby Benchmark 8

The Compass Careers Tracker