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Using the Careers Strategy and the Gatsby Benchmarks as a starting point, the Encompass Careers Alliance aims at improving the already strong careers education that exists in the five partner schools in order to create a sustainable and scalable programme that any school can embrace.  The intention is for this programme to become a blueprint that can be adopted by any school- either as a stand alone or in a partnership- because we will provide step-by-step guidance on how they can implement it.  Our aim is to enable others to follow in the path that we tread as we intend to contribute to the development of sustainable activities and practice in careers guidance.  We will provide case study evidence and contribute to various promotional activities such as conferences, roadshows and publications.


We have also considered what is already working and have added to this what we feel is a truly innovative approach that adds a new dimension to this to create a personal guidance plan that is not only sustainable but that is also resilient and able to keep pace with the rapid changes in the labour market.  This will involve the creation of a school culture led by the careers team in each school, with support from the other partner schools, in which staff will take the lead because they realise the importance of careers education and, through this, their own responsibilities towards careers.  Thus part of the proposal will include the introduction of a cost effective CPD programme that will encourage ALL teachers to see themselves as ‘careers teachers’.

Alongside this will be a structured plan that will:


  • Create a new raft of Personal Guidance Professionals (PGPs);
  • Allow the schools in this partnership to use the funding to support and roll out the programme in a significant number of other schools
  • Share effective practice in order for the programme to take root in schools outside of the immediate partnership.


For us the idea of ‘career guidance’ is to be interpreted very broadly to include all those activities intended to assist young people in making decisions about future education, training and jobs. The rationale that underpins this plan is that good career guidance means linking different activities together to form a coherent whole. This enables students to make the most informed choices at pivotal transition points in their careers journey. The eventual aim of the programme would be to provide a programme of guidance interventions from Y7 through Y11 and beyond to give every student access to the most current and professional advice possible.